My name is Istvan Kusztor.
I’m fully licensed HCPC and CSP registered physiotherapist in the UK.

I have worked at the local hospital’s accidents department for 3 years, where I had the opportunity to practise curing. During this time I passed my first massage course. After this I moved to Pecs (Hungary), where I have graduated with a physiotherapist degree.


I received a real and comprehensive training about the functioning of the human body and how to cure common issues and relive pain with laying on of hands, as well as manual techniques and massage.
After receiving my Physiotherapist Degree I have worked at a countryside hospital for more than 2 years.

During this time I have gained considerable experience in the fields of massage and relevant manual techniques. I also worked in the local spa as a masseur and physiotherapist. Since then, I have completed 12 massage courses, courses and post gradual training from which I have developed a unique massage technique, which I continuously develop and refine.

172It does not only include one type of massage style (for example Swedish or Sport massage), but adapting it to the individual it uses different grips to enable the best possible feeling and rapid healing. For releasing the different muscle shortenings and contractions I use the well-known Terrier’s soft tissue grip.I use also manual therapy techniques to treat narrowed joint movements and painful and inflamed ligaments caused by the stressful lifestyles that many people live. If it doesn’t get stopped, it gets worst. (For example back and waist pain as a result of sitting or sloppy poise)

For stress reduction I use Swedish gripping techniques and elements of Thai massage. I treat my clients having various physical complaints with the help of these and other techniques I’m expert in such as Yumeiho massage or basic grips of osteopathy. As a complementary therapy I also use chair therapy.

122It is also important to mention that our body cannot be separated from our Soul and Spirit, the illness and disharmony of which is so often manifested in physical symptoms. The mental and spiritual condition of the individual can greatly influence the effectiveness of healing as well as the efficiency of my techniques.Eastern massages, like the Thai massage, combined with stress relieving techniques are suitable for the treatments of the above conditions. I’ve gained knowledge and experience of these techniques too while practicing in the UK.